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Box Tops raises over $1,100 for the Elementary!
Remember to save your Box Tops! We will be using the proceeds to help fund new playground equipment. You can also go online at the link below and earn e-box tops for our school. Thanks for your support!

We have surpassed our $2000 goal. AWESOME JOB EVERYONE!!!! Lots of hard work and dedication has paid off.

We are still collecting Tyson Labels also. Mrs. Karn's is in the lead with 108 labels in her container.
Anyone can send or bring in labels to the Elementary office and place in container of their choice.
Ink Cartridge and Cell Phone Recycling
We now recycle cell phones as well as ink cartridges! The Elementary gets a minimum of 50 cents per phone, even if they do not work, and we are keeping the environment clean! Click the Bulletin Board link below for more details.
The Reading Sufficiency Act
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